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Fact: We have about 40,000 negative thoughts every day.

And that’s on an average day.


Imagine the number if we’re under stress, having relationship problems, or struggling to find meaning and direction for our lives. Imagine the number if we lack experience soothing ourselves in healthy ways and instead find ourselves repeating patterns that ultimately make us feel guilty and ashamed… or broken and defective. The numbers multiply.

Therapy won’t eliminate those negative thoughts. But you’ve already taken the first step toward diminishing the power of those thoughts by arriving here. A good therapist can help you find ways to get through the inevitable ups and downs of life and relationships, cope with losses and disappointments, and transition to different stages of life.

Welcome. You’ve come here for a reason.

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I’m Dr. Lakeasha Sullivan, a licensed clinical psychologist for adults and couples with an office in midtown Atlanta.

My passion and purpose are bringing clarity and healing to clients, who include adults and couples, in order to reduce suffering and conflict, increase joy, and live and love with a greater sense of purpose and direction. I believe we all have the capacity to heal our emotional wounds and correct unhealthy patterns, sometimes we just need a seasoned guide to light our path.

I have nearly two decades of training and professional experience helping individuals and couples find their way toward wholeness and healing. I am currently accepting new clients for a limited number of spaces. If my services align with your needs, reserve your time now by requesting an appointment online. If you still have questions, feel free to give me a call for a free 10-15 minute consultation.