Individual Therapy

45 min $150*

*sliding scale may be available for those who qualify


Common Issues:

  • Meaninglessness - Feeling disconnected and finding yourself going through the motions; desiring more purpose and direction in your life; wondering if “this” is all life has to offer

  • Depression - Feeling sad, pessimistic, unmotivated and/or disengaged

  • Anxiety - Feeling stressed, worried, unable to sleep, possibly panicky at times; feeling dread - fearing that something bad is about to happen

  • Relationship problems -  Having difficulties engaging in relationships and/or sustaining them; repeating the same unhealthy patterns with the same or different partners; feeling stuck and unable to move on from a past relationship

Couples Therapy

60 min $220


Common Issues:

  • Repetitive conflicts - Fighting about the same issue without making progress; wondering if fundamental differences can be overcome

  • Breaches of trust - Infidelity; emotional and/or physical affairs

  • Communication difficulties - Feeling misunderstood; shutting down or intensifying conflicts; engaging in hurtful and unproductive dialogues

  • Intimacy and connection - Feeling bored and disconnected; dissatisfied with intimacy

  • Commitment - Contemplating a breakup or divorce; difficulty committing to relationship

Premarital Counseling

60 min $125-220

Building skills

  • Communication - Improving communication skills in order to have essential conversations about family, communication patterns/styles, money, sex, and your overall relationship

  • Conflict resolution - Increase conflict resolution skills; identify different types of conflicts and ways to manage them

Workshops for Couples

2 hrs $100-400


Educational workshops designed to build skills, decrease conflict and promote healthy communication. I limit my workshops to a small number of couples so that I can provide personal attention. Educational workshops are best for couples who are committed to strengthening their relationship and are not in severe distress. If you are in a high-conflict relationship or concerned about privacy, a traditional couples therapy consultation with me or another professional is a better choice. Current offerings are listed on the homepage.

Insurance Policy: Unfortunately, I don’t accept insurance. There are many reasons for this decision (e.g., maintaining confidentiality; personalized treatment; my wellness philosophy vs. the “disease” model of insurance companies). However, I can provide reimbursement documentation for out of network mental health benefits. Call your insurance provider to verify your benefits.

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